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Get to know Katie Masotti

Katie Masotti is a Level 4 Certified RPM Provider and owner of Masotti RPM Support LLC. She has received her Bachelors in Special Education (B.S. Ed) and Masters in Special Education (M.S. Ed) from Xavier University. Katie holds a Transition to Work Endorsement specializing in postsecondary transition services and supports for adults with disabilities. She spent six years teaching in a special education classroom in the public school setting prior to founding Masotti RPM Support. She has been implementing RPM supports and strategies into her teaching for nine years.


Katie completed Soma Mukhopadhyay’s 4-day Introduction to RPM Course in 2016. She received her certified provider status in 2019 after completing her internship at HALO working directly with Soma. Katie provides individualized RPM instruction, supports families in learning the steps to implement strategies, and provides consultation options to organizations in the community. 

About Masotti RPM Support

At Masotti RPM Support individuals with autism or other related disorders are taught individualized instruction in a one on one setting. Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) teaching supports are incorporated into the academic sessions as well as other individualized strategies that meet the learners unique sensory and behavioral needs.


At Masotti RPM Support LLC we believe all individuals are capable of learning and that teaching supports can be tailored to meet the learners skill set and sensory needs. The learning sessions focus on building skills and tolerance levels in the areas of academics, communication, sensory integration, behavioral regulation, and more. Learning sessions focus on presuming competence and utilizing learners' sensory strengths to increase engagement in the lesson.

Visit to learn about Soma Mukhopadhyay, the founder of RPM, and for additional resources.

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