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Welcome to
Masotti RPM Support LLC

Individualized teaching instruction and skill building for individuals with autism and other related disorders

Where learning focuses on....

Individualized Instruction


All instruction is tailored to meet each student's unique learning, sensory, and behavioral needs.

Engaging Lesson Content


Age appropriate and academically rigorous content is utilized in all learning sessions. 

Presuming Competence


Learning opportunities focus on the belief that learners are capable of thinking, reasoning, and understanding. 

Student Strengths


The skills that students bring to the learning session are used to further their growth and progress. 



The ability to communicate is the greatest and most profound gift and RPM has given my son that gift. Through his letterboard, he can communicate his needs, wants, ideas, feelings, and participate in academic tasks in ways never before dreamt. Katie has truly been instrumental in guiding David to have his voice. We are so incredibly grateful!


Katie has the amazing ability to not only meet our daughter where she is in the RPM process, but also to meet her where she is the moment she walks in for her session. She makes quick adjustments in her planning to help Emily stay regulated, all while continuing to keep her engaged and focused. Katie is always willing and available to help us problem solve, set goals and celebrate small (and big) successes.  Her ability to connect and develop immediate rapport with kids and adults on the spectrum is exceptional. Our understanding of both Autism and RPM have deepened since working with Katie. She truly is the best!


When my son was first diagnosed with autism, it was assumed that he had the mind of a preschooler. Now, after working with Katie for 1 1/2 years, we are finally beginning to see his intelligence, and preferences that we never knew before!! Katie’s RPM therapy has been life-changing for our whole family!



Miss Katie is so fun, kind and patient with me. I know I have a voice inside myself as I spell each word on the letter board. This is not always easy to do but Katie teaches me self-control, as hard as that is. The next skill I am working on is typing my words. I have not mastered this yet but I know Katie will help me attain this goal. Katie is my hope to be learned in all that RPM can help me with, and to be a source of hope to others.


Katie has taught me how to communicate.  I can communicate about everything! I love RPM and what it has given me.


Katie has the right understanding of how I preform, how I type. She has tons of patience. I like her bold personality. Understanding concepts from her is very easy.

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