Masotti RPM Support LLC works to provide meaningful learning opportunities for individuals with autism and other disorders through the implementation of Soma®Rapid Prompting Method (RPM).



Katie Masotti is a Soma® Certified Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) Provider located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Katie taught special education in public school classrooms for five years. During her time in the classroom, she implemented RPM and other supports in a variety of classroom settings and worked with a wide range of students. Katie is committed to providing engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for individuals with autism and other disorders through the use of RPM.


Keshav has been working with Katie for the past one year using RPM techniques. Katie is an amazing teacher with enthusiasm and techniques that can bring out the best in any student.My son is non-verbal and gets easily overwhelmed with sensory needs. He finds it difficult to sit through activities or sessions to learn but he would readily work with Katie for the whole session while she is here. He has gone from paper choices to divided boards and now we are using the 24 letter stencil board. I attribute this overall growth to Katie's flawless teaching, behavior modification, excellent RPM skills and the hard work she puts in preparing for lessons. Looking forward to working with Katie for many more months and seeing Keshav grow as a student alongside his teacher through RPM!

Gayathri- Parent

Katie has the right understanding of how I preform, how I type. She has tons of patience. I like her bold personality. Understanding concepts from her is very easy.

Aarush- Student

I found out about RPM because my nephew worked with Soma and came back from Texas with a voice. I thought, maybe RPM would work with my son, Mitchell has Down syndrome. Knowing it was designed for autism I was skeptical, but we decided to try it and to our surprise, Mitch could spell!  


We began working with Katie and found out things that about our son that we would not have know if it weren't for RPM.  We were relieved to know that  he had some number sense.  We discovered his sense of humor and most importantly that his greatest fear is, "no voice."  Katie is able to get results due to her persistent, and firm, but caring nature.  She consistently affirmed his positive behaviors while insisting that he be his best self.  The gift of knowing your non verbal child is priceless.  His personality is being revealed to us more and more as he continues to work with Katie.

Kristen- Parent



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